28 February 2014 - Hettich's Sylwia Laskowska attains the highest level in Patek Philippe's training

Patek Philippe HQ Geneva

We are delighted to announce that Sylwia Laskowska has just returned from completing Level 4 of Patek Philippe's renowned 'Understanding to sell better' training programme in Geneva.

Patek Philippe opens this limited opportunity to a very select group of Patek Philippe training graduates each year. The final stage of this rigorous course is four intense days of training at Patek Philippe's headquarters in Geneva, including a visit to the Patek Philippe dial and case workshop in the Jura mountains and an exclusive tour of the Patek Philippe museum.

Sylwia's achievement marks the culmination of an intensive training programme that began over 18 months ago, moving from a general knowledge of Patek Philippe timepieces to an in-depth understanding of the technology, design and passion encapsulated within each Patek Philippe watch. As part of her Level 4 programme, Sylwia visited Patek Philippe's dial and case workshop, and was able to have hands-on experience of working on a Patek Philippe movement together with the master watchmakers.

Patek Philippe Museum

Her experience also included a tour of the Patek Philippe museum in Geneva, which traces the evolution of watchmaking and houses some of the most prestigious creations from Patek Philippe's master craftsmen.

Sylwia commented: "I'm very proud to have reached this high level of training with Patek Philippe. To be able to see for myself the level of expertise, craftsmanship and experience that goes into each Patek Philippe watch has given me an in-depth insight and passion to pass on to our customers."

She added: "To us at Hettich, truly professional customer service isn't just about imparting information - much of which is already available online, it's about giving our customers access to our experience and expertise. I'm looking forward to using the benefits of this level of Patek Philippe training and behind-the-scenes experience, and have no doubt it will add to the exceptional levels of customer service already available at Hettich."

Sylwia Watchmaking in Geneva 2

Jeffrey Chinn, Managing Director of Hettich Jewellers commented: "We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the very best advice, and we are thrilled that Sylwia has made such excellent progress within the structure of this prestigious training programme from Patek Philippe. Well done Sylwia!"

Images (from top): Patek Philippe Headquarters in Geneva, Patek Philippe Museum, Sylwia working on a Patek Philippe timepiece at the workshop.