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Watch Services

Keeping your watch in perfect condition requires regular servicing, especially if it has a mechanical movement. Our watch services are designed to ensure your watch maintains its appearance, timekeeping, function and value.

The Importance Of Aftercare

Maintaining your watch

Aftercare services for your timepiece will ensure it stays in the best possible condition. Along with prestigious watch houses, we recommend servicing your watch every three to five years.

Exceptional Aftercare Service

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond your watch purchase with us. At Hettich, we endeavour to make your precious items last a lifetime. Our state-of-the-art workshop in St Helier offers specialist in-house servicing and watch repair for the leading watch houses including Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier and TAG Heuer as well as battery and water-resistance testing.

Rolex Authorised service centre

Hettich is proud to be an official Rolex Authorised Service Centre which recognises equivalence in our after sales service values. We uphold this standard across our customer service, pricing, delivery times, workshop standards, equipment, training and service quality. This accreditation enables us to offer a two-year international service guarantee, backed globally by Rolex.

Stuart Mccourt

Master Watchmaker

Stuart McCourt is our master watchmaker with a history of more than 18 years with us at Hettich. Stuart is an independent Rolex accredited watchmaker and has had extensive specialist training in Switzerland directly with watch houses including Patek Philippe and Rolex, which is repeated every three years to keep his expertise in line with brand standards.

Independent Rolex Accredited

Qualifying as the UK's first independent Rolex accredited watchmaker is testament to Stuart's skill and attention to detail. This coveted accolade enables the Hettich Service team to offer a two-year guarantee on all in-house watch services.

The Workshop Team

More recently, Stuart has been joined in the workshop by David Houliellebecq who we have sponsored through the British School of Watchmaking in Manchester. Over the coming years, David will receive extensive training from Stuart in our workshop as well as from our watch brands in Switzerland.

Watch Servicing

Watch servicing procedure

If you wish to arrange a watch service, please bring your watch into our King Street showroom and book a service with one of our team.

Your timepiece will be processed and assessed by our in-house team and an estimate provided within two weeks. If your watch model cannot be serviced in-house, we will advise you accordingly and can arrange delivery to the brand workshops.

Once the estimate has been approved, work will begin. Servicing a watch is a complex process, and time frames can vary depending on the condition or model of your watch. However, rest assured that your watch is in the best hands with our team, and we will return it to you within approximately six weeks or less.

After the service is completed, your watch will undergo final testing and quality control to ensure its timekeeping is within the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Finally, you will be contacted by our after sales team to arrange collection of your serviced watch. Our watch services are guaranteed for either 12 or 24 months, depending on the make of your watch.

Guide To Servicing

Our Watch Service Guide

What is included in a watch service? Read our Watch Service Guide to find out the details of our comprehensive service:

  • Disassembly: bracelet detached, case opened, and case completely disassembled.
  • Cleaning of the movement: the movement is dismantled, and each component is ultrasonically cleaned.
  • Replacement of the components: our watchmaker closely examines each component of the movement and identifies what needs replacing.
  • Lubrication and reassembly of the movement.
  • Timing calibrations: to ensure timekeeping precision, our watchmaker meticulously adjusts the balance wheel and electronically tests its timing accuracy. It is then tested over a period of several days.
  • Refinishing: after initial cleaning, the case and bracelet of your watch are closely examined and any worn, damaged components are replaced. Your case and bracelet are then expertly refinished and ultrasonically cleaned to restore lustre.
  • Reassembly: the case is carefully reassembled, and all the seals replaced, to guarantee water resistance. Water resistance tests.
  • Final quality control.
  • 12-month guarantee, or 24-month guarantee for Rolex watches.

Other Services

Battery and Water Resistance Testing

If you wish to arrange a battery or water resistance test, please bring your watch to our King Street showroom where one of our team members will be happy to book it in.

Your watch will then be assessed, and the battery and reseal will be carried out. Where possible, a bracelet clean will also be undertaken. For most watch makes, this process usually takes from three to five working days.

After testing, you will be contacted by our after sales team to arrange collection. Batteries are guaranteed for 12 months. If you have any queries about watch batteries, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us at

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