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Watch Repairs and Servicing

Welcome to Hettich, where we provide exceptional watch servicing and repairs for luxury timepieces, including Rolex watches. Our commitment to quality, attention to detail, and passion for horology set us apart as a premier destination for watch servicing and repairs.

Rolex Authorised Service Centre

As an Authorised Rolex Service Centre, we have the knowledge and expertise to service and repair your Rolex watch to the highest standards. Our team of Rolex-trained technicians uses only genuine Rolex parts and tools to ensure that your watch is serviced to the manufacturer's specifications.

Stuart Mccourt

Master Watchmaker

Stuart McCourt is our master watchmaker with a history of more than 20 years with us at Hettich. Stuart is a Rolex-trained watchmaker, having undertaken extensive specialist training, and is regularly assessed by Rolex to ensure he continues to meet the brand’s exacting standards. Stuart also has expertise across a number of Swiss watch brands.

The importance of aftercare

Maintaining your watch

Keeping your watch in perfect condition requires regular servicing, especially if it has a mechanical movement. Our watch services are designed to ensure your watch maintains its appearance, timekeeping, function and value.

Exceptional Aftercare Service

At Hettich, we understand that your watch is not just a timepiece but a symbol of your style and personality. That's why our team of highly skilled, Rolex-trained watchmakers are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service and care for your timepiece.

David Houiellebecq


David is our most recent addition to the workshop. He undertook a rigorous watchmaking course with the British School of Watchmaking, before receiving specialist training from Rolex and other Swiss watchmaking brands. David is a Rolex-trained watchmaker, and undergoes regular training to ensure the highest standards of servicing.

Watch Servicing

Watch servicing procedure

If you wish to arrange a watch service, please bring your watch into our King Street showroom and book a service with one of our team.

As an authorised Rolex Service Centre, we provide expert servicing and repair for your Rolex watch.

Your timepiece will be processed and assessed by our in-house team and an estimate provided within 48 hours. If your watch model cannot be serviced in-house, we will advise you accordingly and can arrange delivery to the required workshops.

Once the estimate has been approved, work will begin. Servicing a watch is a complex process, and time frames can vary depending on the condition or model of your watch. However, rest assured that your watch is in the best hands with our team.

After the service is completed, your watch will undergo final testing and quality control to ensure its timekeeping is within the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Finally, you will be contacted by our after sales team to arrange collection of your serviced watch.

Other features

Additional Services

In addition to watch and Rolex servicing, we offer battery replacement and water resistance testing. We also provide bracelet and strap replacement.

At Hettich, we believe that luxury is not just about products, but also about the experience. That's why we provide personalised and attentive service to every customer, ensuring that your needs and preferences are met. We strive to make every visit to Hettich an exceptional and memorable experience.

So if you're looking for a trusted and exclusive destination for watch servicing and repairs, including Rolex services, look no further than Hettich. Our dedication to luxury, quality, and personalised service sets us apart as a premier destination for watch enthusiasts. Visit us today to schedule your appointment and experience the Hettich difference.

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