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You could get even more out of your Jersey holiday with our VAT-free prices on leading watch and jewellery names.

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If you've been planning to treat yourself, it makes sense to get the best prices possible. Explore Hettich's top brands and enjoy sizeable savings on UK retail prices.

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Discover Hettich's selection of top watch brands including Patek Philippe, Rolex and Cartier and other leading names, as well as an array of exquisite jewellery, all at VAT-free prices.

GST Visitor Refund Scheme

And now, thanks to Jersey’s GST Visitor Refund Scheme, visiting shoppers at Hettich can claim back the island’s 5% Goods & Services Tax on purchases totalling more than £300. The scheme is available to visitors travelling by air, and requires just a simple form to be filled out at the time of purchase, and verification of your goods at Jersey Airport. Ask in store for more details.

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About Jersey

Jersey’s unique blend of English and European influences gives the island a natural charm and the town of St Helier is a great place to shop. An escape to the island of Jersey blends familiar English environments with a dash of European flair to create a unique experience of rich countryside and breathtaking coastal views, sweeping beaches and hidden-away bays. Start planning your island break here.

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How to get here

Located some 100 miles (160 kms) south of mainland Britain, Jersey is the most southerly island of the British Isles. In fact, it's much closer to France, lying just 14 miles (22 km). With links from UK and European airports, Jersey’s an easy escape that’s bursting with variety. A 55-minute flight links Jersey to London and many other UK regional airports, with flights of just over an hour to several European destinations. Jersey can be reached by sea, making it easy to bring your car and explore the island at your own pace. Ferries link Jersey to the UK ports of Poole, Portsmouth as well as Guernsey, St. Malo and Brittany.



We speak English - with a faint Jersey accent and as you explore you’ll see road signs in French, relics of our Norman past. Jersey has its own native language, Jerriais - an old Norman language with a sprinkling of Norse. Although you may not hear it spoken, it’s part of the island’s heritage - look closely and you’ll see traces of it around the island from map locations (Greve means beach) to street names.



Our currency is sterling, but the island has its own money, the Jersey pound. It’s one of the last few places you’ll see a pound note, and while the notes may look different, the value is the same. You’ll usually be given Jersey money as change when you’re shopping, but English money can be freely used and all major debit and credit cards are accepted. There are ATM machines in St Helier and across the island.

Time Zone

Island time

It’s the same as the UK. Jersey follows Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and changes to British Summer Time along with the mainland.

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