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We offer jewellery and watch valuations for the purposes of home insurance, probate or family division. Read on to learn more about our valuations process.


A Comprehensive Service

Our experts will carefully examine, appraise, value and then clean your valuables. A profile of your items will be listed with a detailed description and photograph prepared in a formal document.

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Valuation Charges

If a watch or item of jewellery in your possession becomes lost, stolen or damaged, having that item correctly valued with documentation from a trusted source will make certain that your insurance covers the full price of a repair or replacement.

Correctly valued items also help to settle matters related to probate or family division.

There are two valuation services available to our customers.

Hettich Valuations

We offer local in-house valuation services for jewellery and watches. This is our standard valuation service, and includes:

  • 3 Page Hard Copy Report (Varies on number of items valued. Example based on 1 item valued)
  • 7 Day Documentation for Watches. Jewellery Documentation will vary with number and type of item(s).
  • Only available for jewellery or watches purchased with Hettich.

Cost of Valuation


Bespoke Valuations

We've partnered with Mr. Gareth Brown to provide bespoke valuation services to our customers. We are capable of providing in-depth valuations for a variety of complex watches and jewellery. It Includes:

  • 11 Page Hard Copy + Digital Report (Varies on number of items valued. Example based on 1 item valued)
  • 7-14 Day Documentation.
  • Available for all jewellery and watches, regardless of purchase origin.

Cost of Valuation

Watches £135

Please note our bespoke service is made available on limited occasions. Please see the dates our valuations are available for booking below:

March 7th - 8th    -   Fully booked

July 2nd - 3rd 

October 3rd - 4th

In order to book a Bespoke Valuation, please email Ania here.

The Difference?

Our standard valuation is useful for straightforward pieces of jewellery or watches. It provides a written-only report that can be used for the purposes of home insurance, probate, or family division.

Our bespoke valuation is useful for complex or rare pieces of jewellery or watches (such as antiques, large multi-stone set pieces and vintage watches). It provides an in-depth report with supporting image gallery that can be used for the purposes of home insurance, probate, family division and open market.

Please Contact Ania for more information and bookings.


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