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GST Refund

Planning a trip to Jersey? You could get even more out of your Jersey holiday with our VAT-free prices on leading watch and jewellery names. If you've been planning to treat yourself, it makes sense to get the best prices possible and with sizeable savings on UK recommended retail prices, Hettich makes shopping a pleasure.

Discover our selection of top watch names including Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier and other leading watch brands as well as an array of exquisite jewellery, all at VAT-free prices.

And now thanks to Jersey's GST Visitor Refund Scheme, visiting shoppers at Hettich can claim back the island's 5% Goods & Services Tax on purchases totalling more than £300. The scheme is available to visitors travelling by air, and requires just a simple form to be filled out at the time of purchase, and verification of your goods at Jersey airport. Ask our team for details or follow this link for more information:

For any enquiries, email us at