16 February 2016 - Wedding rings guide

Wedding rings at Hettich
From wedding bands to wedding gifts from the heart, make your memories precious with beautiful jewellery for your special day. 

Choose wedding rings you'll love forever with our simple guide.
Allow yourselves time to find the perfect wedding ring. Making the right decision can take longer than you think, so allow a few months to research and browse, as well as revisiting the  rings that catch your eye. Allow more time if you're planning to engrave the band or create a bespoke piece. 
Choose something special. Diamond-set  wedding bands are a popular choice for brides, making a beautiful and symbolic piece of jewellery even more precious.
Looking for something truly unique?  Hettich offer a bespoke service where we can create a  wedding band to fit perfectly around your engagement ring. Ask us for details and remember to allow extra time for your  wedding ring to be designed and custom-made. 
Be sure it fits your lifestyle… and your finger. Your  wedding ring is one piece of jewellery you'll wear every day. Choose a design that works for your lifestyle and which is comfortable to wear. Take time to find the right size - never do the 'final fitting' after you've been exercising (when your fingers can swell) or when you're extremely warm or cold. 
Make it unique. Personalise your  wedding band and have it engraved with a special message. You can even add your partner's fingerprint! 

Wedding rings from Hettich available in 18ct or 9ct yellow, white and rose gold or platinum and palladium starting from £245.