14 November 2014 - The Sinclair Harding Sea Clock

The Sinclair Harding Sea Clock

Have you noticed this beautiful Sea Clock in our window?  

More than just a work of art, this timepiece is modelled on a marvel of engineering, the famous John Harrison H1 timekeeping device, designed to be used at sea.

The joiner-turned-master clockmaker John Harrison created this clock to solve the problem of measuring longitude and keeping accurate time at sea. At sea, you could tell the time in your current position by looking at the sun. If you knew the time in a distant location with known longitude (for example, London), you could use the difference in time to calculate your own longitude. To create a clock that would be accurate during unstable sea voyages, John Harrison came up with new clockmaking technology that won him awards in the 1700s, and was the basis of his H-series of sea clocks. These pendulum clocks had balance mechanisms to compensate for the motion of the sea and are incredibly intricate.

We're delighted to be able to display this handmade Sinclair Harding Moonphase Sea Clock, based on John Harrison's famous 'Grasshopper' escapement sea clock here at Hettich. Featuring his unique escapement design which is fascinating to watch, this stunning creation has been reproduced in perfect detail.

The engraved dials are hand silvered as they were in Harrison's day. The unusual seconds hand sweeps through 240 degrees going from 0-60 seconds before vanishing, only to reappear instantly at zero again. A must-see for anyone interested in horological innovation, come and visit us at Hettich to take a closer look at this beautiful rhodium and gold clock at work.

The Sinclair Harding Moonphase John Harrison Sea Clock is available to purchase, price on application from Hettich Jewellers.