19 May 2016 - Rolex Baselworld 2016 collection

Discover the 2016 Rolex Baselworld collection on display at Hettich on Friday and Saturday this week. 

With iconic designs given a contemporary update for 2016, don't miss your chance to see the stunning Baselworld Rolex 2016 collection at Hettich's King Street store on May 20 and 21. Get a closer look at the Datejust, the Airking and the Cosmograph Daytona as well as a whole selection of additional new Rolex watches for 2016. 

Want to find out more? Get in contact to speak to one of the team about the new Rolex 2016 Baselworld collection, and visit us on Friday and Saturday this week to see them for yourselves. 

Where: Hettich Jewellers, 1 King Street, St Helier

When: Friday 20 May and Saturday 21 May 2016