30 May 2013 - Discover the story behind Hettich's Jersey Milk Jug

It's a unique souvenir of Jersey, and a reminder of a bygone age. Take a step back into Jersey's heritage with this beautifully-crafted classic Jersey milk can, replicated in silver plate by Hettich Jewellers.

The milk jugs or creamers are designed to be a delightful replica of the original Jersey milk cans, used on local farms for centuries to transport the creamy Jersey milk from the milking sheds to the farmhouse kitchen.

To create a Jersey souvenir that can be practical as well as decorative, Hettich have added a lip and a hand-crafted basketwork handle to the original design. These silver-plated Jersey milk jugs make charming christening presents, anniversary gifts or a unique memento of an island stay.

Silver-plated Jersey Milk Jug, £315 at Hettich.