Buying Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring can be a pretty daunting task but don't panic - we are here to help.  With so much information available now, the choices appear to be limitless so why not follow our simple guide.

Choosing a stone
Diamond is the perennial favourite stone for an engagement ring.  Arguably it is the most consistently beautiful and valuable gemstone but also it is the most desirable of all gemstones.  You know what they say, 'A diamond is forever' and still is a girl's best friend.  It is the hardest natural substance known to man and will outlast all other gemstones. 

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There is so much to know about these wonderful gems, why not look at our buying diamonds guide or better still come in and see us for some friendly and helpful advice.

But you shouldn't ignore coloured gemstones and, with a beauty all of their own, they are always a popular choice.  Top of the list for an engagement ring has to be a blue sapphire and diamond combination.  Not only can blue sapphire offer a ravishing colour but it is pretty strong too, being the second hardest (after diamond) gemstone.

Ruby, being in the same family as sapphire, will give equally robust performance as well as the passion of a bright red stone.  Other stones such as emerald (green), aquamarine (light blue), tanzanite (purplish blue) can also be absolutely stunning but are not as strong as diamond, sapphire and ruby and this should not be over looked when you are choosing.

Choosing a style of ring
The simplicity of a single stone diamond ring has forever been popular as an engagement ring.

The symbol of one stone says it all and has a timeless quality.  If a single stone takes your fancy then you need to choose which cut of diamond, ie. round brilliant, emerald cut, Royal Asscher cut, princess cut, marquise, pear-shape or maybe even a heart shape for the true romantic.  With an idea of stone in mind, what about the setting and band?

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You can choose from yellow gold, white gold and platinum.  Setting styles can be traditional or modern with variation in the number of claws, height of setting etc. For example, many rings are now made specifically to fit with a wedding ring.

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But a single stone is not the only story.  The three stone ring has always been popular, whether with all diamond or with a coloured stone centre.  It is a very wearable ring and also a true classic.

In recent times, we've seen a growing demand for single stones with diamond set shoulders whether individually set, channel set or micropave.  This is always a very attractive option.

You might want something a little larger and opt for a cluster ring and whilst this is certainly a stunning possibility, it might present slightly more of a challenge when you try to match it to a wedding ring.

How much should I spend?
This decision can only be yours but the traditional view was that it should be equivalent to one month's salary.  After all this is something that should last a lifetime and whilst its significance will be remembered forever, how much it cost will not!

Should we choose it together or should I go it alone?
Most couples like to make this important decision together but the brave and romantic bachelor still exists!  Either way, you will not be on your own and we will help you all the way.

And finally...
Follow your heart.  Choose the one that gives you that special feeling.  You'll know when you've found it.
  Your engagement ring is probably one of the most important items you will ever be buying.

Our team of experts is ready and waiting to help every step of the way.  It is our pleasure to serve you and we will ensure that you find a ring that you will treasure forever.

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PS - If you haven't popped the question yet, good luck!