The shape you may choose is entirely personal; choices include Round, Princess, Pear, Emerald, Marquise and Royal Asscher to name but a few.  Brilliant cut diamonds are the perennial engagement ring classic.  Pear-shaped stones have an elegant outline and tend to look a little larger or, if your preference is for a contemporary style, Royal Asscher cut or Princess cut stones may be for you.  The choice is yours.

The most important aspect of a diamond's beauty is revealed in the perfection of its cut or what in the trade is referred to as 'make'.  The perfection of the polish, proportions and symmetry (e.g. alignment of the facets) maximises the  performance of light entering the stone from the top.  This light is then bounced from facet to facet and is reflected back through the top of the stone in a rainbow blaze.  If a diamond is cut to the wrong proportions, e.g. too deep or too shallow, light is reflected at the wrong angle, allowing it to 'leak', diminishing brilliance and fire.  Well cut diamonds look significantly larger than poorly cut stones of the same size because more light is reflected back to the eye.  This can increase the value by up to fifty per cent.  Our diamond experts carefully examine all diamonds, selecting only those which offer the best combinations of beauty and value.

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