Colour is generally considered to be the second most important characteristic which determines a diamond's value.  With white diamonds, what is referred to as colour is actually the lack of colour and is measured on a scale starting with D (colourless and the most expensive), through to Z (having a very noticeable yellow hue).  Diamonds are graded by inspection in controlled lighting conditions (e.g. natural daylight or lamps that replicate its wavelength) and with comparison to pre-graded master stones. 

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Hettich can offer a selection covering most colour ranges from D to K. For the purist grades  D, E and F offer no noticeable colour.  However, grades G, H and I offer stones that look white to the eye, but with inspection reveal little or no noticeable colour.  These grades are often the most purchased as they offer an excellent balance between beauty and value.

Natural fancy colour diamonds have recently become very popular and are available in every shade in nature.  We are pleased to have some exquisite examples in our collection, particularly fancy yellow diamonds which look stunning.

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