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How to choose your diamond

Choosing your perfect diamond is not as difficult as you might think.  Simply call into Hettich, where our staff will make you feel welcome and relaxed.  We will tempt you with beauty, brilliance, life and fire.  These are the key elements of every diamond and they are explained below in our guide to the 4 Cs.

4 Cs                                 

The 4 Cs remain the standard criteria for explaining diamond characteristics and are frequently supported by certificates from independent laboratories, such as the GIA or HRD.  The system of 4Cs and certificates was originally intended as a means of communication between diamond professionals and not as a way of selecting diamonds for beauty.  This is a very important point to remember because, after all, you are buying an object of beauty, not a piece of paper. 

All of our diamonds are selected for their lasting beauty and value for money. Let us take you on a journey that will guide you to your perfect diamond.  Most of our stones are already set in jewellery but we always have loose stones available and access to international diamond markets.  So, call us soon on 01534 734491 and let the magic begin.


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